Cops directed to endanger Trump fans again: Gavin McInnes Punches Protester @ DC Deploraball ™


In an unprecedented and disturbing nationwide trend that spread toward the end of the Obama administration, Police in several cities were told to direct Trump supporters directly through, rather than around, the designated protest areas to enter & exit a pro-Trump event, and in certain cases, to stand down in the instance of scuffles between the two sides.

Just like in Chicago, California and other Leftist-heavy areas, this trend spread to Washington DC, where the Deploraball ™ attendees, many of whom were high profile conservative pundits & commentators, were forced to go right through the middle of the anarchic street protesters.  Hopefully this will end under the new administration.

This, naturally, has led to plenty of clashes between Leftists & Trump supporters (and plenty of footage thereof). Even longtime politico Roger Stone (who  through some glitch in the ticketing system had to miss the event) noted on Twitter that a young lady in his party took a bottle to the head & required hospitalization.

In the above video, right wing commentator/journalist Gavin McInnes gets into a row with one of the Leftist Protesters.


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