In the tumultuous sea of modern politics, the Alt-Right has been making a lot of waves as of late. As stated on Amerika.org (see: http://www.amerika.org/politics/the-alt-right/ ), the Alt-Right is a confederation of various streams of thought from Nationalism to Traditionalism to Dark Enlightenment / NeoRactionary (aka NRx) to Antifeminism and other labels, but all of us labeled “Alt-Right” generally agree on one concept: the rejection of the equality myth.

With this in mind, Jewish individuals promoting Alt-Right ideas, especially those of us identifying as Nationalist and/or Traditionalist, should take special note. While the red pilled among us realize that equal opportunity isn’t the same as “equality”, it’s still a fact that Jews are likely be associated in the mind of the blue pilled public with some degree of classical liberalism and perhaps civil rights movements which, to the unknowing eye, may suggest an affinity for “equality”. However, this concept is anti-Jewish in essence, because what makes a Jew a Jew is the fact that he or she is a Jew! A Jew can’t also be a gentile. A tree can’t also be a pond. There’s no such thing as “half Jewish” (half tree? half pond?). A person is either a Jew or they aren’t.

Fairly often, faux-alt-right White Nationalists (see the above linked article if you think Alt-Right and White Nationalist are the same thing) will operate online in Alt-Right circles and do some amount Jew-outing, using (((echoes))) Coincidence Detector apps and so on. They will attack a Jewish right wing person with antisemitic memes & jokes, trolling, doxing or just gaslighting. They will label the Jew a $hill, globalist, or some other type of infiltrator trying to undermine the Alt-Right, while not realizing that some of the most popular anti-globalist voices in the Alt-Right are actually Jews.
The antisemite, much like the Social Justice Black who blames “white supremacists” for anti-white behavior, is rife with the jealousy inherent in underachievers, citing “Jewish supremacists” as a justification for his hatred for the Jew and subsequent unsavoury actions related to that ideology.

I am going to reveal to my fellow Alt-Jews the uncomfortable fact that:
(((You))) are partly to blame.

Why? Because if someone had to “out” you as a Jew, your Nationalism is automatically in question to your fellow Jews. Because you have allowed foreign influence into your Jewish Nationalism. Because you are a part of the people who invented the idea that is now known as Nationalism and you let the goyim poison the well with idolatry and baseless violence. You are a part of the people that introduced regular hand washing, for G-d’s sake, and you’re assuming cultural equivalence with people who wouldn’t accept even that up until the late 19th century!

Western Civilization as a whole rests primarily on concepts that we introduced into the human race, but other peoples, correctly, have very different cultures and how they interpret those precepts and others that they also include (primarily Greek and Roman) is often diametrically opposed to ours & since the Tower of Babel, it’s been pretty clear that this is the preferable state of things. You are trying to combine oil and water.

“How can this be? My assimilationist programming tells me that as a Jew, the 11th commandment of “Melt” will make (((me))) beyond reproach!!”

You see, the modern Jew carries with him not only all the historical baggage of the world’s longest surviving ethno-religious community but also the modern and foreign assimilationist social programming that, in many instances was a last resort survival mechanism, but in most cases is no longer needed.

Deprogramming the Jew of the modern gentilized version of Nationalism, with it’s flawed racial theories and often syncretic and multicultural resurgent atavism, is essential, not only for survival amongst the surrounding gentiles but also for continuity amongst ourselves.
Just as a Finnish nationalist rightly wouldn’t try to incorporate Hebrew influence into his Nationalism, a Hebrew shouldn’t incorporate gentile (foreign) influence into his. While the Left often complain falsely of “cultural appropriation”, in reality, multiculturalism is perpetuated by it. As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. This isn’t a declaration of supremacy but, rather, an acknowledgement of diversity and a simultaneous rejection of “equality”. Nationalism isn’t a democracy, it’s a Confederacy. Nationalism hindered by foreign influence is no longer Nationalism, but rather, merely “national pride”.

To be a Jewish Nationalist, you needn’t be religious, but it helps. The Jewish culture is built around our traditions, and our traditions come from the Tanakh and rabbinical interpretation thereof.
The Tanakh is not only our original religious text, it is also, and possibly more pressingly, a historical document and a war log. I won’t go into a scientific Zionism rant detailing the abundance of carbon-dated artifacts linking the adherents of Judaism to Eretz Yisrael and confirming Biblical accounts of several Bronze Age battles. Anyone interested can research all that on their own. I will, however, expound on why Judaism and Zionism are essential to Jewish Nationalism in one sentence: A nation is made up of people, land and culture.
Whether one believes Torah or not, one must accept that it is the foundation of Jewish national identity. It sets forth the guide for who is part of our people, an exact map of our homeland, and what is expected of our behavior. Other nations are based on their genetic haplotype and/or regional locus. The Nation of Israel, known today as “Jews”, was based on the Tanakh and the primacy of Jerusalem.

I am not suggesting that Jews attempt to earn the respect of antisemitic gentiles, be they Neonazi, Islamic or conspiracy theorist. However, I am suggesting that we respect our own traditions and reject foreign influence with just as much or, properly, more tenacity than the nationalist antisemites do.

How does a Jew strengthen his or her Nationalism?
Don’t be quiet about being a Jew when discussing politics, ethics or ideas.
View the world through the unique skeptical Jewish lense.
Question Everything. In the grand scheme of the history of the gentile, the idea of questioning that which is presented as unassailable truth is something new, but it’s part if our eternal essence. The Jew who simply accepts anything without question will soon find himself in a church, a mosque or a grave. Our patriarchs and matriarchs were not angels who obey G-d’s every word, but real “stiff necked” humans.
Question the gentile.
Question Jewish “leaders”.
Most importantly, question yourself.
Ask yourself: Are you taking a political position that is ultimately in opposition to the continuity of your own people? (Aka: Are you a cuck?)
Wrestle with G-d.
Wrestle with yourself.
Test your limits & your knowledge.
You don’t HAVE to know the blessings for the hanukiyot menorah, but for Moshe’s sake, don’t put up a fucking Xmas tree!
Try keeping Kosher for Passover.
Prove Jewish resilience through personal experience.
Talk Torah with other Jews.

Rabbi Shimon said: “If three have eaten at one table and have not spoken over it words of Torah, it is as though they had eaten of the sacrifices of the dead, for it is written (Isaiah 28:8) “All tables are covered with filthy vomit; no place is clean.” But if three have eaten at one table and have spoken over it words of Torah, it is as if they had eaten from the table of G-d, for it is written (Ezekiel 41:22) “He said to me, “This is the table that stands before the L-rd.”


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