PEGIDA UK / former EDL leader TommyRobinson explains how media lies attract neonazis to any non-leftist movement.

See video here:

The left, via the media, has an established & successful method to set up any group incongruent with their interests to look like “fascists” & “neonazis”, thus dogwhistling to actual fascists & neonazis to converge around these groups.

This further delegitimizes the aims of the group by proving the accusations of their association with such undesirables.
Circular logic is used to psychologically manipulate the lesser-informed public.

This happened to Skinheads in the UK, and eventually internationally.
This happened to the EDL.
This happened to the Neofolk & Martial industrial scene.
This happened to the #altright in the USA.
Eventually, perhaps, with the help of revelations of collusion between media and political elites exposed this past year, the public will stop relying on mainstream media to form their opinions.

One day, maybe, the public will realize that rejecting a foreign ideology, such as Islamism, which supports Genocide against the peoples they invade, isn’t being “literally Hitler”.
It’s being literally the opposite.


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