Let’s be honest folks, Donald Trump was a very hard sell to a generally politically uninformed American public. Socially, he represents high society: rich ultracapitalists and jet-setting celebrities who can afford dinner parties the price of a car. Politically, he represents people like me: brash, politically incorrect patriots who actually understand that leftist policies use weasel-words apparently targeting the rich , but subsequently detrimentally affect all classes. The Left has fought long and hard to get the public to focus on social issues rather than policy, thus the social stigma of being “rich” could easily overshadow the advantages to the Common Man that would result from Trump’s plans.

Most Americans don’t consider themselves anti-American, but yet, unknowingly, many have often supported candidates and policies that temporarily benefit themselves but destroy the stability of our Nation, especially the working class, in the long run. Many others had never gotten involved in politics enough to even vote at all.

Democrats had become deeply entrenched in most urban areas, thriving off of the cultural meme of Class War. Years of dehumanizing anyone in a class considered to be “separate” and more “privileged” than the Common Man had worked in getting people who claimed to support the Common Man elected repeatedly. Most people who were just involved enough to vote usually lost interest in politics outside of election years. When the Common Man grumbled about the high taxes taken out of his already meager paycheck, or when he got laid off and was struggling to make ends meet, it didn’t automatically come to mind that he had elected a Liberal or a Neocon a year or two before.
The government got bigger, taxes got higher, and the fat cats didn’t even leave us a single scrap. The politicians had found plenty of ways to keep their paychecks high and steady, yet continually, the Common Man was barely getting by or out of work. People who had feigned concern about the Common Man, whose paycheck came out of the Common Man’s pocket, flew in on private jets and spoke on elaborate stages to speak about oppression and income inequality (amongst ourselves, between the races and the sexes, of course, not between us and them). After the Election, where did all that talk go?

Slowly but surely, the mask began to slip. When the general consensus became that “the government is a separate class from the rest of us”, leftist rhetoric began to backfire. As our shoes got older and our bills got higher, we could no longer avoid noticing how “rich” the Political Class had become, but not by selling overpriced products or hiring cheap labor like the evil businessman supposedly did, but by outright robbery and extortion. They lessened our access to guns whilst building up their own armories and forced us to pay them large sums of money under threat of violence.

Obama was the last straw. He was the final caricature of the lying politician who got every poor sucker that wasn’t politically educated to elect him because, um, hope, and er, change. Then, he just needed one more term to undo all the “baggage he had inherited” from the previous guy. He pushed extreme liberal issues for fringe groups, but ignored the plight of the (barely) working class, showing that he was out of touch with the real populace.
Everything he promised socially to the Common Man was a bold faced lie, yet everything he promised politically to the other fat cats, like oil sheikhs and insurance tycoons, seemed to work out just fine.

Obama was the worst president the United States ever had and only the most politically uninformed and perpetually well-off rich liberals thought otherwise. The Common Man started doing a bit of research. He was the one getting slapped in the face by the Political Class, and now it was time to slap back, and hard. That hard slap was the election of President Donald J. Trump.

Obama took a big, stinky dump on the Common Man’s dinner plate and expected him to eat it with a smile and then ask for a second helping by electing another Democrat who was actually more out of touch and corrupt than himself in the form of one Hillary Clinton.

Barack “the magic negro”, had broken the liberal spell. Common Man began to realize that the left only helped rich perverted freaks who think of him as a simpleton and a sucker. If Obama had appeased the Common Man much more successfully, Trump, or any Republican, or any white male for that matter, wouldn’t have had an ice cube’s chance in the Sahara of winning after him.

If Americans were happy, then, ironically, we’d be on a direct path to World War 3 against NUCLEAR STATES including but not limited to: Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea and China.

So finally, America can un-sarcastically say:


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