The article in question contains interviews with White Supremacist , KKK & NeoNazi leaders that appeared in Esquire Magazine when Barack Obama was running for president. Article archived here : http://archive.is/g73Jk

Some of these same characters, esp. American Nazi Party leader Suhayda, have likewise praised Donald Trump, and are being used by the Democrats & the leftist media against Trump, as if his policies somehow reflect their viewpoints (spoiler alert: they don’t).

As you can read in the interviews, their primary reason for supporting him was that he was a fellow racialist. As the black nationalist they believed him to be, they expected Obama to heighten racial awareness and cause further segregation in America.

This time, once again, the idiotic racists bit off more than they could chew. For once, they may have felt pride in the fact that they were right, but I’m certain that such pride was followed by a crestfallen bittersweetness when they realized how it felt to be on the other side of virulent racial hatred.

Segregation DID increase, but not in the way theses boneheads wanted. The recent rise of the racialist Black Lives Matter movement was only tail end of a carnivorous snake that had been fed for 8 years by insane Executive Orders, anti-police rhetoric & Beer Summits, infosheets referring to patriots as domestic terrorists, IRS bias against the Right, and other divisive talk from Federal offices who historically have not gotten involved in social issues or identity politics.

The media acted as Obama’s mouthpiece and fanned the flames of division, because, let’s face it, people getting along doesn’t do much for ratings.

All of Obama’s (and the media’s) divisive shenanigans backfired, however, as the economy worsened and terrorism returned to our shores repeatedly. Who cares about transgender toilets when ISIS is slaughtering women & children and then sending their fighters to the West via “refugee relocation”? Nobody, with the exception of professional activists, wanted to hear about race or gender or income inequality anymore. The inequality of income was between the political class & regular people, regardless of race or gender.

White Nationalists got thrown under the bus with everyone else, including blacks and Jews who had promises to them broken by Obama. People began to grow wary of the entire race issue, uniting in a general chorus of “We’re ALL fucked!”. So much for segregation.
Next thing you know, the racialist crowd hated their once loved fellow racialist for doing exactly what they had initially hoped he would do.

So, naturally any white candidate who took a firm stance against Islamic terrorism, promised Jobs back to the working class, and didn’t seem to support the BLM crowd was going to get their support. They barely even noticed that most of Trump’s family and team are Jewish or his association with so many black celebrities. They just know he’s white, popular, and going to bring jobs.

It’s not so much an affinity for anything Trump is about as it is the general disgust with the state of the country that made the crazy racists latch onto Trump. Furthermore, with Trump’s “YUGE” popularity with the working class, they seized upon an opportunity to promote themselves, their websites and their ideology by essentially acting as the hustling peddler trying to sell his wares aboard the Trump Train. Anyone who’s visited any city with a light rail line is familiar with the person, usually a shabbily dressed male, who attempts to sell some type of cheap product out of a bag to the train commuters. He may even take a piss in the corner of the car, causing everyone to head to the next car. This is what the white racialists are doing, but much like the shabby peddler, most people simply ignore or avoid them. We’re not on the train to buy his crap, we’re just trying to get to our destination. He’s the one bothering us.

The mainstream media, most of which has already been proven by #Wikileaks & the Project Veritas investigations to be in collusion with the DNC, is just focusing on the shabby peddler to try and make everyone riding the Trump Train look like him. We’re not like him. He’s just stinking up the train and harassing everyone on it who isn’t buying his crap. We’re just on our way to work, or possibly, a job interview. Please don’t let the mud he drags through the train get on our shoes.


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