The damning content of the emails is being obfuscated by the repeated misleading headlines from the liberal media attempting to tie the words “Russia”, “hacking” and “election”. All of the weasel wording being used by the mainstream media is an attempt to make it appear to the casual reader, who usually doesn’t read past the headline & lead-in, as if Russia somehow hacked the actual election, i.e. the Voting Machines & counters.

What the CIA & DNC are really accusing Putin & Russia of is hacking the emails between John Podesta, Hillary Clinton & others. This happened months before the election. Exposing actual interference in the election is not interference in the election.
In reality, any American citizen could’ve requested the emails via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), if they had the idea to, but it probably would’ve taken until after the election for them to be found & released, at which point it would be too late. Yet, the Clinton campaign & DNC are bent on convincing the public that Trump colluded with Putin to get himself elected by using hacking.

Nevermind the fact that the first hacks on the DNC were done by Guccifer2.0 , who is Romanian, not Russian, or the fact that DNC staffer Seth Rich was gunned down without being robbed on his way to talk to the FBI about Clinton’s BleachBit™ destroyed personal server, after which Julian Assange suggested Rich was a source, or that one of her IT workers went on Reddit under username “Stonetear” asking for advice on completely erasing an email server. Somehow that’s all Russia & Putin’s fault.

The leaks that they are calling “hacked” (about which most evidence points to an internal DNC leak in the form of one recently murdered staffer named Seth Rich) contained information which proved attempts by DNC in collusion with the Clinton campaign to RIG THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, including the shady dismantling of the Sanders campaign. The Project Veritas undercover videos, released by James O’Keefe (an American), further substantiated this.

The fact that the emails came out publicly a month or so before the actual election only gave potential voters more information about a candidate who was already known to be linked monetarily to shady foreign governments including Saudi Arabia and taking money from Haiti that was meant to help them recover from a tragedy. It may have invigorated Trump’s core base by vindicating them on what they already believed to be true about Clinton’s corruption, but, most likely, it didn’t influence enough “undecideds” to elect Trump. These “undecideds”, who must’ve been living under a rock for the past year, were very few in number, and many didn’t even vote (as evidenced by the large number of registered & eligible voters compared to the actual number of votes).

No one made up their mind on who to vote for in the final weeks of the campaign season. The lines were already drawn by that point, and minds had been long made up. Few, if any, Clinton supporters even read the WikiLeaks emails, because, as commanded by their media overlords at CNN, they were supposedly illegal to read (never citing according to what law). Many of these luddites didn’t even understand how to access the site, as evidenced by the abundance of comments online by Hillary fans saying that “downloading” them (they were available as web-based viewing) could give users a virus.

The CIA suggesting that Trump’s presidency is somehow in question because of supposed foreign interference is an obvious ploy by ex-CIA operative & Mitt Romney sidekick Evan McMullin, who was also running for president as an Independent (you may not have heard of him because he’s so unpopular that the dead gorilla Harambe actually beat him in every poll) to call out favors from his old CIA crew after Trump didn’t pick Romney for Secretary of State.

I guarantee that if Romney had apologized to Trump & got tapped for the SoS job, there would be zero headlines about “Russian hacking interfering with elections” today.

Get over it, Egg McMuffin, er, Evan McMullin, you lost and so did Clinton.
Trump won & so did America.


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