Some snowflake probably thought it was a “Nazi Sign”, even though it predates the Hitlerfags by about 2000 years.
Apparently, if Nazis started appropriating Pi (π ), that would become a “Nazi Sign” too.

Not everything Nazis have ever used is a “Nazi Sign”!
Why do people who claim to be anti-Nazi always want to give the Nazis credit for creating basically everything?

For the record, it represents the shape of an ancient Runic-shaped wolf trap, and as a symbol originally used to ward off wolves, it also became associated with #Werewolf myths. A curved bar was hooked around a tree & bait was attached to this part resembling the Eihwaz #rune, hence its other name, “wolf’s hook”. It became a symbol of liberty and independence after its adoption as an emblem of a peasant revolt in the 15th century against the oppression of the German princes and their mercenaries. It then became a #Heraldry symbol.

Yes, along with other Runic symbols, the Nazis employed it sometimes, because, yknow, “muh Aryan heritage”, probably not realizing that #Vikings & Iranians (Aryans) are not very closely genetically related or that Norse Vikings entered greater Germania as invaders and only account for a tiny percentage of German genetics (many have more Celtic than Norse heritage, as parts of Germany were once under Celt rule.)
Nazis used every Rune, but seeing as German is written in a Roman alphabet, most probably couldn’t even read the language of the Futhark.

Nazi-ism is a syncretic mess of pseudoscience & pseudohistory.
They used all sorts of things that were dissonant to their ideology.
Norse Vikings would have found zero honor or bragging rights (a large part of their culture, as evidenced when reading the ancient Runestones) in Socialism or in burning & gassing women & children.


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