Alt-Right = Identity > Culture > Politics

Let’s dissect the identities & cultures of the parties involved before we get to the politics part.

Mike Cernovich:
Always uses his real name, Identifies as white, Culturally white, has acknowledged some Jewish background, known for promoting health & fitness, Accomplished Lawyer, author, filmmaker, built his brand over several years around being a very popular Polemic blogger. He can be irritatingly hyperbolic at times, and could be considered “alt-lite”, but he has always stood by the same politics & values.

Tim Baked Alaska:
Known mainly by his internet handle / stage name, Identifies as white (and apparently white Nationalist) yet has adopted “wigger” culture, Calls himself a rapper / “trap star” yet has no album or real releases out except for a few poorly produced YouTube music videos in support of Trump, known for promoting explicit drug use, built his new brand in a single year by being a photographer (mainly of gay conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopolous) while working for Breitbart and making pro-Trump memes & hashtags. Less than two years ago, he was tweeting out support for the Black Lives Matter movement and working for Buzzfeed. Yes, Buzzfeed.

If you don’t know the story yet, I’ll give a synopsis: #BakedAlaska was heavily promoting Trump, esp. the #MAGA3x Trump flash mobs, and has, within the last year, become very popular on social media, thus was initially involved in the main DeploraBall™ inaugural event in Washington DC. Supposedly he was going to perform some of his “trap music”. After tweeting “Jews control the News. Never Forget.” and replying to a sockpuppet account saying “I was JQ’ed a long time ago”, Baked Alaska was contacted by Cernovich telling him to act like a top-bill DeploraBall™ name, telling him “no Nazi salutes, no JQ bullshit, no more fuck ups.” (The JQ = the Jewish Question). Some back and forth occured, fueled by Baked Alaska retweeting Nazi trolls, Cernovich blocked him and then announced that Baked Alaska was not going to be involved in the DeploraBall™, possibly being replaced by the much more popular Milo Yiannopolous.

In turn, Baked Alaska, dressed in his typical MAGA baseball cap & a hippie-style tie-dye top, made a nervously delivered Periscope video titled “Oy Vey! Banned from DeploraBall!”, hinting at Cernovich’s Jewish ethnic background, in which he stated “I’m alt-right, I’ve always said I’ve been alt-right, I don’t hate [very shaky voice on that word] Jewish people, but I’m not afraid to talk about the truth…” As if one’s ill-informed opinion on Jews makes one alt-right. Next thing you know, he’s the most featured rapper on every Nazi / fake alt-right website as a martyr for white resistance to Jewish control.

More Total “Trump supporters = alt-right = Nazi Idiots = Trump has ties to Nazis = Trump is not a legitimate president for all Americans” fodder for the mainstream media, who’ve already gobbled up the story, suggesting Trump’s base is crumbling into an “alt-right civil war”. Ever notice how it’s always these people who were essentially SJWs during the Obama administration, yet magically became “red pilled” and “woke” during this election cycle are constantly at the crux of online infighting on the right? I’m not saying they are controlled opposition #BlackPropaganda paid by Soros, but they all definitely act like they’re controlled opposition #BlackPropaganda paid by Soros.

Baked Alaska tweeting that 95% of media is run by Jews is clearly subterfuge… even if it were provable, that’s a loaded statistic, framed to support a false narrative (SJW style).
It doesn’t mention that it’s only a handful of companies control American media (six multinational corporations to be exact) meaning a possibility only a handful of Jewish owners, thus, it just seems like classic anti-Semitic revisionism. A group of less than 20 people never can be considered representative of any significantly sized group, ethnic or otherwise. It’s worse than the NPI “heilgate” incident, really, because there the blame could be placed on LARPing and the people doing that salute were Jews and Asian.. Furthermore, Richard Spencer is known already as a race-focused wierdo who also believes that whites should colonize Mars, so a bit of craziness is expected in his circles & at his events.

In this case, Baked Alaska is a seemingly mainstream style hip-hop loving gentile trying to actually make a false ethno-political point which comes across as uninformed, hateful and uncivilized. Especially considering that Trump, the President he claims to have helped “meme into office” has the strongest Jewish family ties of any candidate in recent history, GOP or Democratic. Trump is also a strong Zionist who has also already shown support for Israel, including so-called “settlements” and has chosen right-leaning Zionist Jews for prominent roles in his cabinet.

This stinks of Alinsky-style destruction:
“RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” – Saul Alinsky, “Rules For Radicals”

Pick the target: Trump’s right wing base,and, by proxy, Trump’s credibility

Personalize it: Infiltrate via employment opportunity. Rise to social media #TrumpTrain fame in a year, alerting the other side to everyone who’s really active & influential in the group. Help foster a sense of “unity” among the group, so that the upcoming polarization is all the more shocking & destructive.

Polarize it: Call everyone who doesn’t agree with you 100% “cucks” instilling fear of infiltration from the other side, Inject not only unpopular but scientifically disproven Antisemitic racial theories into the discourse once in the media spotlight. Stand back, watch the destruction, claim “I dindu nuffin!”, disavowing any responsibility, just like a typical SJW.

Mike Cernovich, whom I don’t always agree with, is not “punching to the right” in this instance. He’s punching left. He’s punching at someone from Buzzfeed who played a “likeable” pop culture savvy character to gain popularity amongst Trump’s base and then tried to link Trumpism to Nazi-ism. Classic bait & switch.

Cernovich isn’t throwing a fellow traveler under the bus, he’s kicking someone off who tried to throw Trump, his family, and his administration under the bus.

It should be clear to all true Trump supporters and serious alt-right thinkers that we have been TROLLED. Massively. By a drugged-out wigger from Buzzfeed. Fucking BUZZFEED. We can do better than this.